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Przedstawione na stronie opisy, wizualizacje, zestawienia powierzchni i schematy lokali mają charakter poglądowy i nie mogą być traktowane jako ostateczne projekty realizacyjne.

Inżynierska 5 investment, cosily located among atmospheric tenement houses
of Praga comprises residential premises
and lofts in three buildings of the original industrial character.

Although it is located in the very centre
of the right side of Warsaw, the building
is not going to expose its residents to the hustle and bustle of the city. The complex, slightly hidden behind its own gate in a way typical of the tenement houses in Praga,
is going to provide the residents with
privacy and safety.



The four-floor outbuilding with a loft is going to hold 36 apartments. Glass elements together with high windows are to allow natural light
in the rooms as well as to give the place a bit edgy and light character.


Inżynierska Street spreads between Ratuszowa Street and Wileńska Street and crosses 11 Listopada Street, which makes the investment well linked with the other parts of the city.

  • The closest metro station is barely 500 metres away

  • The bus and tram stops are located not further than 200 metres from the gate of the complex

  • The Wileńska shopping centre is located within 500 metres of Inżynierska 5 Street

  • Fifteen minutes of walk away there is Park Praski with a summer theatre next to Ratuszowa or a zoo

  • The nearest swimming pool is also located within a 15 minute walk

  • 800 metres away of Inżynierska 5, at the Haller Square, there is a graduation tower, known for its qualities to prevent many illnesses, as well as Oligocene water intake and an outdoor gym